This Baby Elephant At Safari Video Will Crack You Up

During a safari tour a tourist caught the funniest moment of a baby elephant on his camera. Watch as the baby is letting out a big sneeze and scares itself in the most hilarious way.

Going on a safari is the best way to observe Earth’s largest animals out in Nature. The animals are not confined to small areas by fences or cages and are freely roaming about. But because of this you can never know what you might see, which animals you will come across. Maybe you can watch lions taking down a prey, or just lazily hang around under a tree. Or maybe you will have a herd of elephants cross the path right in front of you. And maybe you are lucky and one of the animals does something special and you catch that moment on camera. Which was the case for one tourist. You might also like to watch cats who think they are human.

Baby Elephant provides for an awesome memory

This group of tourists stopped close by a waterhole to let a family of elephants pass. A mother elephant was leading the way followed by two smaller elephants. The smallest one of the two was just a little baby elephant, and the tourists began to chatter at its sight. The baby elephant stopped and looked at the tourists to see what’s going on. This is when the moment came that had everyone burst out in laughter.

The baby’s entire demeanor began to change, including the look on its face. It let out the cutest sneeze, and its body shook from the force of it. Which caused the baby elephant to let out a tiny trumpeting noise, and freaked out by it all, it ran to its mother’s side as quickly as its little legs allowed it. You might also want to watch this rare video of a wolf and moose battling for survival.

Some cool facts about elephants

Female elephants can give birth to babies until they are about 50 years old. But they can only have a baby every two and a half to four years. The newborns can stand up right after birth, but they are born blind. Their eyesight comes as they get a little older.

Elephants make all kinds of sounds? But the one we all know best is the trumpet sound. They make the trumpet sound when they get excited, stressed, or during aggression. This sound can be heard by other elephants for up to six miles.  So let’s take a look at this baby elephant getting scared by its own sneeze. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Let them have a good laugh too. After, please take a moment to like our facebook pages GAHA Entertainment, and GAHA Entertainment: For The Love Of Nature

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