Barbie And Ken Dolls With New Makeover To Show Diversity

Get ready. Now Barbie Ken makeover show diversity.

Barbie received a long overdue makeover last year, with a variety of new skin colors, eye colors, hairstyles, and three new body types. Now, Mattel announced on Tuesday, Ken will also be joining the more inclusive ‘Fashionistas’ crew in diversity.


photo Fashionista Barbie Ken dolls show new makeover diversity
Barbie’s Fashionistas crew after new makeover to show diversity


On Tuesday, Barbie presented 15 new Ken dolls to allow girls and boys to further “personalize the role they want him to play”. The new features come in seven skin colors, eight different hair colors, nine hairstyles, and three body types  which are “slim,” “broad” and “original”.


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Barbie Ken makeover show diversity now with Barbie ‘Fashionistas’ line now featuring forty new dolls with seven body types, eleven skin tones, various eye colors, and twenty-eight hairstyles. The dolls feature modern 2017 fashion trends like chic clothing, blue hair, man bun, afro, partially shaved head, and much more.



Barbie Ken makeover show diversity (gif)
Fashionistas Barbie and Ken show diversity


“By continuing to expand our product line, we are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation,” senior vice president and general manager for Barbie, Lisa McKnight, stated in a press release. “Evolving Ken was a natural evolution for the brand and allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.”

Ken has come a long way since 1961 when the original Ken doll was first introduced to Barbie-loving girls and boys. 2017 sees him evolved into the reality of the world we live in. While 10 of the new Ken dolls are available now, five more will be offered in the coming months. In addition there are also 25 more diverse Barbie dolls in the Fashionistas line.

Each doll in the “Fashionistas’ line retails for about $9.99. You can take a look at the new doll options on and at retailers nationwide and start your own millennial collection of new and diverse Barbie and Ken dolls.


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