Creative Pumpkin Carving Art To Get You Inspired This Halloween

Tis the season to be scary, so get out your tools and begin some creative pumpkin carving. Here you see some of the most beautiful pumpkin art, to give you some ideas, and hopefully, to get you inspired.

First some tips for creative pumpkin carving

It all begins with choosing the right pumpkin. You want to make sure that the pumpkin somehow fits the characteristics you have in mind for your carving. Draw the face or motive on the surface of the pumpkin.

You’re not good at drawing? Don’t worry. They have stencils at the stores with great motives. Or you can print out the pictures of designs you like and tape them on the pumpkins to use as stencils. And last, to prevent your work from rotting, you can spray the pumpkin with bleach containing bathroom cleaner. Okay. Let’s take a look at some awesome creative pumpkin carving art.


Creative pumpkin carving art for your inspiration


This brings back memories. Can you hear the music? This creative pumpkin carving will certainly attract many people to ahhh and ohhh over it. Feeling inspired yet?

creative pumpkin carving. Carnival horse carousel


The pumpkinvore cannibal

Show off your skills with a pumpkin-eating pumpkin. If you need further decorations, get more ideas with these easy diy Halloween decoration projects that will fit anyone’s budget.


Frankenstein’s monster

If you don’t have much time to spend on creative pumpkin carving, this Frankenstein’s monster is easy and quick to make. You can even add his bride to his side.




This is a great piece of art, and good if you want to show off your skills.


The screamer

Pumpkin faces are fun to make and scary to look at. Just thinking about a face suddenly popping out of a pumpkin can give anyone the creeps.

Not as much as the spooky hayrides, They are so creepy, that they are only recommended for adults.




Here is another creative pumpkin carving art that is quite skillful. Put him up as a stop sign and anyone will stop in their tracks.


Face squeeze

This one reminds me of Grandma pinching the cheeks of the “cute” children. Maybe a skeleton hand that’s doing the squeezing would would make it even funnier. Or you can bake some witch’s fingers to attach like the ones in Halloween party foods and drinks. It would really freak out your guests.



Evil trio

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil? They look rather evil.



Scary spider

Spiders in itself are creepy. This spider pumpkin will have the kids running away screaming.

Image youtube



I guess he doesn’t like the taste of the baby pumpkin.


Smiley face

Easy to make and doesn’t require much time. Yet, the smiley face with the little smirk is a very attractive addition to your garden.



This goblin will haunt anyone’s dream.

If you want to experience some real haunting, check out this list of America’s most haunted hotels where ghost activities are high.


Starry night

“Starry, starry night
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds in violet haze
Reflect in Vincent’s eyes of china blue”


Flowers and leaves

If you prefer flowers and leaves these creative pumpkin carving art pieces are a fine example.




Cat people will love this one. It looks so peaceful.




Put this devil into your window and he will keep any would-be burglars away.


Death Star

For the Star Wars fans the Empire’s weapon. Looks activated and ready.

Fantasy Pumpkins


Pumpkin monster

This monster will scare people no matter where you put it. People like to travel all around the world to get a good scare at haunted places , when all they have to do is walk by this pumpkin to get the same affect.

Image Pinterest



Creative pumpkin carving art does not have to be scary and creepy. Turn the entire pumpkin into a lovely flower.

Image Pinterest


Flowery skirt

Still not inspired to do some carving? Here is another project you might enjoy.

Simply use Autumn flowers or any other decorations to pin or glue on the pumpkins. It adds a nice touch to your house and garden at this time of the year and is not bound to Halloween only.


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