Dolls So Horrifying They Will Absolutely Creep You Out

What you are about to see are dolls that are so horrifying, they even scare adults. Do you remember your childhood dolls? Maybe you even had a favorite, gave it a name, and treated it like it was your child. Or maybe even your best friend?  Some of us enjoyed playing with dolls. Can you imagine your parents or relatives gifting you a doll with a facial expression like it’s ready to eat you? How about one with white eyeballs, or no eyes at all? Remember Annabelle? You certainly would not want your child to play with any of the following


Some of these dolls might’ve been innocent play toys at one time. Then, as time went by, they turned into creepy looking things. Others have always been like this. Whichever the case, they are not something to play with. As a matter of fact, some just need to be locked up to make sure they don’t get you in the night. After all…. there have been reports of dolls sneakily moving on their own. Being around these dolls can give you a feeling of unease. You feel like you are being watched, and when you turn around…. there it is… that doll has moved an inch to the side.

Looking at the following pictures you might think they are nothing but inanimate pieces of plastic or porcelain. Nothing to be scared about. But look again. Apart from their creepy appearances look into their eyes. The eyes of dolls follow you everywhere. They are cold and empty looking. Maybe not so empty. They might be filled with evil. And if the pictures don’t freak you out, the videos certainly will.


The evil zombie baby. Remember that zombies only like brains. I wonder if a baby bottle filled with brainmash is included.

creepy dolls.
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Siamese twins

Here you get two creepy dolls for the price of one. Oh, wait… it’s only two heads on one body. But look at the pretty hair. Are they not adorable?

Creepy dolls

Aunt Betty?

Someone showed up for your tea party. Can you imagine placing this doll by someone’s door? Knock on the door and run. They’ll have a heart attack for sure. At least I know that I would.

What did you say?

This one looks like it comes jumping straight into your face if you say a curse word or something. Yikes!

When dolls are possessed

Debbie and Cameron Merrick purchased three Victorian dolls for £5, which brought them fame almost overnight. But not the kind of fame you would wish for. When they received the dolls in a box, they heard a strange “swishing” sound. It seemed to have come from the box.  First, they didn’t think much of it and put them up inside their home.

But, soon after, the fire alarm inside their house went off without a reason, and continued doing so. Next, Cameron finds himself with tiny scratches on his leg after waking up in the morning.

One of the dolls was wearing a necklace when it had arrived in the box. Suddenly that necklace was gone. The couple began to suspect that this particular doll was possessed.

The Interview

When they appeared on the “This Morning” TV show, the couple talked about the horrifying occurrences that arrived at their home with the dolls. During their interview, the troublemaker doll sat in a rocking chair next to them. When suddenly, on live TV, the chair started rocking.

Friend wants to play

This cute, little doll wants to be your friend. Come and play.

Watching over you

When you wake up in the night and see this 😱 😱 😱

She’s drunk again

How scary are creepy dolls if there is not at least a drunk neighbor, or cousin to play with. Doesn’t every child have this kind of imagination? (Note: Sarcasm)

Happy face

Just to show you that not all creepy dolls have a grim face. Some just like to smile and laugh, as they think about how to eat you. Raw, boiled, grilled, filet or whole? Yummy!

Are you creeped out yet? No? Keep scrolling. 


When dolls try to fool you with their big innocent eyes, but you can clearly see the vampire teeth.

I’m not sure if this one is a vampire or whatever, but it IS creeping me out. Warning! Watching this video might give you endless sleepless nights, and a life-long fear of dolls. YIKES!!!!

Blue-eyed creep

Yikes. Someone wipe that grin off its face. What a creep. He’s probably watching you getting undressed.

Neglected baby

Is it too late to put some lotion on this face? This doll reminds of one of these Haunted places from around the worldOne of the islands is just filled with creepy old dolls.


Drama queen

I don’t know what’s going on with this one. She looks like she’s about to faint.

Come and play

Let’s go have some fun, shall we? No, thanks. I rather throw the whole crew out of the window.

Posing with your best friend

This is what I see when people post photos of their kids and their dolls.

Just waiting

All propped up and waiting for you to go to sleep. And then… let the games begin! These dolls might as well are placed in any of the Most haunted hotels in America . Guests report strange things happening there all the time.

Rough day

Some dolls look like they’ve had a rough day. Too tired to harm you? I wouldn’t count on it.

How creepy dolls are born

Doll factory for the creepy ones where they also renew the old and damaged. That’s why they keep coming back to haunt you.

Creepy dolls growing up

His dolls never left him. They grew up together and they’ll die together. I bet he has some stories to tell about each one of them. What about those spirits, or demons that don’t need to crawl inside a doll to give you a good scare? Read these True ghost stories by people who are truly haunted by… someone or something.

Mommy, you’re home

When they’re anxiously waiting for you to come home…


Dealing with it

This is the only way how to keep creepy dolls from coming after you. Off with the head… and legs, and arms. Then put them in a box and bury them deep, very deep.

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