Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos Show Freaky Creativity

What exactly is it that makes vintage Halloween photos so creepy? Is it because they are black and white photographs? Or could it be that the people back then really knew how to creep people out?In those days people neither had that much money to spend on fancy Halloween costumes, nor did the stores have as many options as today.

Most people just became creative in making their own. Their main focus was to create the scariest masks they could come up with, and little or no attention was put on the clothes. See if the following vintage Halloween photos will give you some ideas for your own disguise, or if they are just to freaky for you.

Creepy freaky vintage Halloween photos

Run for your life

If this kid would show up on my doorstep I would throw the entire bucket of candies at him.

vintage Halloween photos

Dead bunny?

At least I think it is a bunny. Whatever it is, it certainly has entered the twilight zone. This kid best not look into the mirror or it might end up with night terrors for the rest of its life.


Tribe of freaks. Yikes!

You have to admit. This gang can pose for the creepiest, freakiest, vintage Halloween photos for any publication. They are truly scary. I wonder if they’re cannibals too. Their teeth look like they can rip some flesh off of bones.


Game of Thrones?

A very nice idea if you have horses. The Army of the Dead coming from the North.


Freaky dolls

This is the freaky doll collection costume. This should creep you out at the sight of dolls. Talking about dolls. Check out the scary dolls you would not want your kids to play with.


The Birds

Mister and Mrs Bird from another planet. They will peck at people while dancing. Keep your distance.


Little Devil

This little Devil better be nice. She looks like she can throw some fits that’ll make you run.

Once again I am impressed that the kids from of that time didn’t run away from themselves. Or maybe the parents hid the mirrors?


Wedding of Black Death

The medieval times was about the era when the first Halloween parades and costumes came to be. Halloween certainly has a dark side you most likely didn’t know about.


Deadly Gang

A gang with a variety of different costumes that still match nicely together. Definitely worth some candy.


Butcher pig

In an alternate universe… Scary thought. All this character still needs is the big butcher knife.


Creepy Spider woman and Mick

You didn’t know there is such a thing as spider woman? Well, now you know. Who says super powers were only reserved for the males back then already.

Although I’m a little confused by the bats? Maybe she is spiderbat woman. Her little friend Mickey looks a bit dead.


Trash Bag monsters?

I don’t know from wich planet this couple has escaped from, but they are here to turn all Earthlings into trash bags. Best give them all your candy to keep safe.


Oh, them eyyyeeess

This is quite a unique idea. One alone is pretty scary, and both together are just awesomely freaky.


Kitty Cats

If these children try to scare people with their cat faces, they will be successful.

How can something as innocent as cats turn into such a deadly, freaky costume? They do remind me of the vintage photos of the Victorian era trend of post-mortem photography.


Aliens from Mars

Vintage Halloween photos from the time when everyone believed that the Martians were coming to invade Earth. There are a lot of them floating around on the internet.


Bajazzo, Harlequin, and Pierrot

Let the opera begin. Did you know that these three clowns are partly responsible for the fact that most people are afraid of clowns? Check it out these terrifying clown stories.


The cute couple

These two will not get scared to death if they peak into the mirror. They might not be that scary, but they might play some bad tricks on you. Best give them some of your candy.


Miss Paper Bag and Miss Pumpkin Head

The two girls in this photo most likely made their masks themselves during art class or at home with the help of their mother. They really did capture the spirit of Halloween. Give them lots of candy.


Freaky Disney Gang

Here they come. Leaving destruction in their wake. Forget the candy. Just drop everything and run.


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