Customer Trolls By Service Employees Makes You Check Your Order

When service employees are bored or in a bad mood you best check your order. The following customer trolls will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

We all know the pain of ordering fast food at the drive-by and once at home we find out they gave us the wrong order, or the order is not complete. But this is understandable. After all the service people are human, and when there are a lot of customers waiting, things can get a little hectic. But what about when business is slow, or something upset them that turned their day sour? What you are about to see are the hilarious and sometimes annoying ways these customer trolls came up with to brighten their day.

Caution! Customer trolls at work

Bite this

Wow. Either we’re dealing here with the new guy or one of the customer trolls who just doesn’t give a sh*t.

Customer trolls.


Well, this has got to be the frosting on the cake. He didn’t say to drown it. This might be okay if you have a sweet tooth, but other than that…


Customer complaint brings out the customer trolls

There you go, Ultimate Warrior will fix it. Maybe they should start doing some cooking of their own. These delicious soup recipes should help.


Sorry, we’re out

Customer trolls stealing all the nuggets? Not cool. But then again, having to live on minimum wage might drive a poor soul to theft. Not an excuse, though. Take it from a bro.


See food

When they think you only need to see how generous they load up your sandwich. Does not mean to get to eat it throughout. Or they thought you should be on a diet?


Not pickled

When you come across one of the customer trolls who thinks they are hilarious. It’s not a pickle until it’s pickled.


Extra customer satisfaction

You want extra pickles? Here you go, have some more pickles. Well, at least they actually gave pickles instead of cucumbers. This is just as bad. Think if they gave you one of these pimple cakes.


Say it with a slang

This is the ideal customer service. If service employees are multi-lingual it is always a plus that should bridge any language barrier.


Asking for it

If you ask for only ketchup and only cheese, that is precisely what you get. If you think these trolls are bad you should see the bad choice of Halloween costumes some people are wearing.


Did the chicken cross the road?

How do they get lettuce mixed up with chicken? Best start going to Burger King across the road. I guess one can be grateful they don’t play any of these workplace pranks on their customers.


When customer trolls play the name game

No pics for Instagram

They will be so disappointed.


Named after bodypart

You just know what’s always on their mind.


Hot feces juice

I’m not sure I would drink that.


Remember your name

Where you trying to decide which name to use for your order? Or did you have a temporary loss of memory? Now your name is Uh-Kevin and you’re stuck with it.


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