Disgusting Things People Accidentally Have Put In Their Mouths

When you ask people what were the most disgusting things they put into their mouths… Let’s just say, after reading these confessions, you’ll be thinking twice before complaining about overcooked steaks or unsalted potatoes.

Be it slimy mushrooms, bugs hidden in salads… You name it, we all have “been there, done it”. There are just some things that can make us gag. For the ones among us who have done it, we have learned a valuable lesson. If you don’t check and double check first, you’ll never know what disgusting things will end up in your mouth. Not just that.

Sometimes, just watching what other people eat can make you sick. Or a simple trip to the dentist can leave unpleasant tastes behind that you were simply not prepared for.

The following are confession of people, who will never forget the most disgusting things they have ever put into their mouths. I hope you have a strong stomach, or at least keep a barf bucket close by. You’re going to need it.

Don’t drink the dip

Women accidently drinks from soda can filled with dip spit

That’s almost as bad as drinking from a can someone threw their cigarette bud into. Serious, dude. What’s up with that? There have to be better ways to break up with a date. There is a simple solution. Don’t share drinks with anyone.

Fruit loaded with protein

Bit into nectarine filled with ants.

I don’t know what’s worse. Biting in a wormy apple or have ants crawling around your mouth. That must’ve hurt.

Mother of all…

Ate her siblings placenta. Mistook it for cherries.

Yes. It’s a thing. Some mothers do eat their placenta. It has to be one of the most disgusting things to eat. Maybe next time label the bag?

Ticks are indeed disgusting things

Ticks are disgusting things. This one thinks she swallowed a swollen tick.

How do you swallow a tick? That tick obviously fell off a pet… into the salad, or what? Not sure what’s going on in that household. Was someone trying to poison you? Attempted murder by the way of ticks? Nah, I don’t think so. Please tell us more next time.

Disgusting things stuck on teeth

I’m not familiar with that struggle. If they consider dental plaster as one of the most disgusting things they have ever tasted… lucky they are.

Foamy popcorn

Don’t you just hate it when dreams are too realistic. Oh, would I have stories to tell about dreams. Have you ever had a totally realistic dream about waking up to go to the bathroom? It taught me to pinch myself first when duty calls in the middle of the night.

Birds don’t only poop on cars

Ohhh… That’s just gross. On a good note, we all know now what bird droppings taste like.

Feeling the heat of embarrassment

Putting rectal thermometer in the mouth

Well. That can happen to anyone. I hope your mom had cleaned it well after the last use. At least it didn’t leave a disgusting taste in your mouth. Or did it? I guess you’ll get something like an imaginary taste after that.

Nasty earwax

Earwax is the most disgusting things to get into the mouth.

Yeah, don’t clean out your ears with your fingers, and then stick them in your mouth. Also no licking inside the ears.

Growing up poor

Growing up poor, blind in one eye from eating bad meat. Once ate moldy bread found behind fridge. Accidently ate roaches multiple times.

When you’re desperate for food you’ll eat just about anything. A true survivor.


Ate Nachi, a traditional chilean food. Freshly warm coagulated blood.

Many traditions seem to include eating or drinking animal blood. It’s not my cup of blood, eh, tea either. Being creeped out by something doesn’t always have to involve food. There are some creepy dolls that can do the same, or worse.

Big gulp

Accidently drank from bottom of fish tank while cleaning it.

If you ever had a fish tank, I’m sure you can relate. The timing when to stop sucking can be tricky. But, at least now you’ll know how the fish feel having to live in a dirty tank until you finally get around to clean it. Disgusting, right?!

If you think you could handle what you have read so far, go on and watch this video. It’s going to turn your stomach for sure. What you have read above is harmless compared to what these 14 people have gone through.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever put into your mouth? Let us know in the comments below.

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