Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer And Who’s Coming And Going

Fans of the long-running BBC sci-fi Series Doctor Who are anxiously waiting for season 11, which is set to arrive on BBC in October. Now, we finally get to have our first look to see what’s new.

Since it was first revealed that Jodie Whittaker is going to be the new lead as the Thirteenth Doctor the reactions were mixed. But the responses were largely positive. After all Doctor Who, a time lord, is genderless. Yet, his past regenerations had all been played by men.

Doctor Who already has a very large and loyal fan base and the new season might even attract more. According to executive producer Chris Chibnall a lot of the show will be “new,” and Jodie Whittaker is just part of it.

Big, inclusive, mainstream, accessible

Chris Chibnall replaced previous executive producer Steven Moffat who had been in charge of the Doctor Who seasons for nearly a decate. People also know him for his revitalized Sherlock series.

Chibnall previously worked on the Who spinoff Torchwood and the crime drama Broadchurch, in which Whittaker also plays a lead role.

“This year is the perfect jumping on point for that person in your life who has never watched Doctor Who,” Chibnall said to the fans during Comic-Con International in San Diego. “I want you to go out and recruit that person, sit them down for Jodie’s first episode and go ‘See?!’ There is no barrier to entry this year. … As much as anything your job is: Where does the show go next?” and “It’s a big, inclusive, mainstream, accessible series.”

Doctor Who and new company
Image credit: Giles Kyte/BBC

Doctor Who family

During the Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, BBC released the trailer for the upcoming season. It gives us a glimpse at the Doctor’s new companions Graham (Bradley Walsh), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Yasmin (Mandip Gill Graham).

Before the trailer was revealed, attendees at the panel got to watch a few videos.

What about the TARDIS?

What the trailer does not reveal is if the new Doctor will get the TARDIS back right away.

During “Twice Upon a Time,” Peter Capaldi’s final episode as the 12th Doctor, we watched as the TARDIS went out of control. Which seems to always be the case when there is another regeneration. Only this time, the New Doctor fell out of the blue box. As we watched her falling through the air, it looked like the TARDIS exploded.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Doctor had to do without the famous time machine for a while.

The third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) didn’t reunite with the TARDIS until it was almost time to regenerate again. Matt Smith who played the eleventh Doctor had to rely on a vortex manipulator during his separation from the TARDIS.

Maybe the next trailer will reveal when the Doctor will see her blue box again.

The trailer

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