Eco Friendly Luminous Stones Are The Most Magical Trend

Have you ever dreamed about to just wave a magical wand and… poof… the outside of your home looks like a starry night? Luckily, there is a way to bring magic to life by using eco friendly luminous stones. Not only do they impress anyone coming by after dark, but they can also light your way and keep you on the environmentally friendly side of life.

People spend a lot of money to light up their walk, – and driveways during the night. You’ll either need motion detectors, or leave the lights on all night so you don’t have to stumble to your door through the darkness. It’s not only expensive, but also not exactly friendly for the environment.

Of course, there are other ways to shine a light in the dark. After all, we now have solar lamps to spread across the yard. Which are good for how many hours before they run out of that stored up energy? Yup, just a few hours. Unless you have them hooked up with wires to some big batteries. Which doesn’t make them solar lamps anymore, duh.

Lighting it up with eco friendly luminous stones

So, how about getting something that can illuminate roads with berms glowing like plankton in the sea at night. If you are wondering what oceans and beaches look like lit up in neon light take a look at Earth’s natural wonders.

Driveways, sidewalks, and even the flowerbeds in your garden can be lit up like a Christmas tree. Something that looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t cost that much, and… you could even make it yourself. How about some eco friendly luminous stones?

Eco friendly luminous stones are a lot better for the environment. They don’t use any electricity, are non-radioactive, and non-toxic. What makes them glow in the dark is a photoluminescent aggregate that is specially formulated and manufactured for decorative concrete, cement, terrazzo, stucco and floor epoxy. Depending on the formulas used, the photoluminescent aggregates contain phosphors, pigments, and resin that radiate visible light after being energized by the sun’s rays.

DYI? Heck, yeah

The glow in the dark stones can be used in concrete and asphalt surfaces for larger projects, or you can use eco friendly luminous pebbles mixed with the regular pebbles in your drive and walkways. Where ever you plan to use them outdoors, they store the light from the sun during the day, and then slowly release that glow for up to 12 hours during the night.

source: Pinterest
eco friendly luminous driveway example

Eco friendly luminous products are available in recycled glass, marbles, pebbles, and stones. And if you are a DYI person, you can also get glow-in-the-dark paint to make larger stones glow along your driveway. Should you plan to lay down a new driveway anyway, you can mix pigment direct into the concrete. Or just get some eco friendly luminous sand that has a high luminosity and add it where ever you like.

eco friendly luminous park

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