Ghost Activity Real-Life Experience With ‘Dear David’ Ghost

Though mainstream science consensus insists that ghosts do not exist, many people report of experiencing some sort of ghost activity around them.

Descriptions of ghosts can vary widely. They can show themselves as realistic, lifelike versions, translucent or completely invisible. Usually, ghost experiences only deal with ghost activity in either their dreams, or in real life. But what about a ghost who crosses over from the dream world into real life? This is exactly what happens to BuzzFeed staffer Adam Ellis. He is using twitter to tell his story in several tweets, and admits that he has grown deeply afraid for his safety.

ghost activity of a child behind glass
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Tweeting about ghost activity in case he goes missing

Adam Ellis writes on BuzzFeed, “For the past couple months I’ve been dealing with a ghost. It’s gotten bad enough that I fear for my safety, so I decided to write everything down in a Twitter thread, in case I go missing. I’ve added some images for dramatic effect, but everything here is 100% real.”

The first tweet already sounds like a cry for help

Sounds like a pretty dire situation. Is this child looking for vengeance?

Can ghosts cross the dream/wake line into the real world?

Adam certainly believes that a ghost he dreams about goes on to cross over into the real world at a later point. But let’s read on.


First ghost activity during sleep paralysis

You don’t have to believe in ghost activity to know that sleep paralysis is a real thing. Sleep paralysis occurs during the REM phase of our sleep. REM, meaning Rapid Eye Movement, is the time when our dreams are highly vivid. These dreams can be very pleasant, or absolute nightmares. To protect us from acting out on those dreams while sleeping, our brain releases two chemicals. These chemicals are a  neurotransmitter called glycine and a nerve receptor in muscles called GABA. They paralyze the muscles that we can move voluntarily. Thus preventing us from injuring ourselves during sleep.

Usually these chemicals wear off during by the time we wake up. Yet, under certain conditions like sleep deprivation or medications, the chemicals can still be active as we wake up in the middle of a REM phase. We become conscious while dreaming and unable to move.

Dreams of ghosts, demons, and other supernatural creatures during sleep paralysis are not uncommon. Sleep paralysis strikes an estimated 6.2 percent of the general population at least once in their lives.


Ghost has a “huge misshapen head”

His drawing of the ghost certainly shows its life had ended in a violent way. Which is said to be the most reason for occurrences of ghost activities.


Ghost moves towards his bed

This is part of the horrible side effects of sleep paralysis. The main character of the night mare is making a move toward us.


No escape

This is the moment of sleep paralysis that sends us into absolute panic. The object of our fear is threatening us and we are glued to the spot. Every move we try to make to save ourselves feels like either slow motion while we are straining our muscles to get away.

During medieval times people often were accused of being witches. The most common testimonies of the “victims” claim that the person, accused of being a witch, would transform into a demon and pay them a visit during the night. There they would jump onto the chests of the sleeping and begin to suffocate the life out of the accuser. The accusers would be trying to free themselves, but finding themselves unable to move, they would feel being pinned by the demon.


Waking up with a scream

Another common side effect of sleep paralysis. When we realize we can’t get away, often we begin to scream, but no sound is coming out. Panicked, we try to scream even more. Putting more effort into it. Then, right as the thread in our dream is about to come real, we wake up. This might be another way to protect us from harm? Maybe it saves us from dying of a heart attack caused by a nightmare. You might also like reading Terrifying Clown Stories That Will Keep You Up All Night


The dream has a sequel

This dream comes with a sequel. Most dreams are unconnected to one another, but a few do carry on themes from one dream to another. Scientists agree that there is a possibility that some sequels of content is due to the dreams themselves, rather than reliving experiences from the wake-state.

Is there another ghost trying to communicate in this story?


Girl reveals the ghost’s name

Okay. We’re getting somewhere. Now we know the name of the threatening child ghost.


Dear who?

Typical ghost here. She just assumes Adam is able to connect her appearance with that of a nightmare he had a few nights ago. Girl, do you know how much time has passed, how much of life has happened since then? Ghosts don’t seem to have a feel for time, and Adam is probably trying to forget that horrible dream.


Girl gives Adam a warning

So, it seems this girl has come to Adam in a dream to give him a warning. Let’s hope Adam remembers it next time when ‘Dear David’ decides to disturb his sleep again.


Do not ask a third question

This is a serious warning. Will you remember, Adam? You might enjoy American Horror Story Characters Inspired By Real Killers


And there is yet another sequel. Ghost activity dream part 3

Wow. This dream is going to continue until the ghosts had their say.


David returns

Remember Adam, whatever happens only ask two questions.


The questioning begins

This time around Adam feels much more comfortable. Comfortable enough to ask the first question. “How did you die?” This is a good question to ask a ghost who plaques your dreams. Finding out if the ghost activity is caused by a violent death and the ghost is out for revenge might come in handy. Specially since ghosts seem to keep direct answers on the mysterious side.


Adam asks a second question

Here we go. Seems like that first question was not that good after all. “How did you die” is obviously not a precise enough question for a ghost to find out does if he died of an accident or had been murdered.


Adam forgets

Here it is. Adam forgets about the warning and asks a third question. Is he doomed? But, wait. But, wait. Adam did not say “Dear David” before asking the third question. Does that count?


Realization of the mistake

Anyone would be terrified after realizing such a grave mistake. When it comes to the supernatural it’s best to abide by the warnings given to you. Maybe you like Gruesome Serial Killers Throughout Recorded History


The investigation

Adam is doing some research. Maybe he can find out more about ‘Dear David’. Did he even exist? Is he truly a ghost haunting his dreams? Or is he just a hallucination created by his brain during his sleep paralysis. But why then the sequels? What are his dreams trying to tell him?


When in doubt, google it

How many kids are there in a city by the name of David? What era did he even die? Was it even reported? Turns out googling someone’s death with such little specifics can be very fruitless.


Still trying to get google to spit out some answers

No, Adam. The ghost’s name is clearly David. Remember the warning, not to mention “Dear DAVID” when asking him questions? The same warning you forgot when you asked the third question. But at least, the ghost activity seems to have stopped. Or have they? You might also enjoy Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Gruesome Stories


Changing location

Oftentimes ghosts are bound to a certain location. If that is the kind of ghost one believes to be dealing with, moving usually stops any ghost activity around the same people.


A larger apartment

Did Adam only switch apartments because of the larger apartment? If one wants to escape a ghost, upstairs is not far enough. Rarely are ghost just bound to one apartment within a house. Maybe Adam doesn’t know that little known fact among ghost hunters.


Time goes by

Remember, ghosts don’t seem to have a sense of time? Maybe Adam should not get too comfortable in his new upstairs apartment, yet. If Adam would watch any horror movies at all, he would know that ghosts don’t just lose track. Another good read here Defense Attorneys Talk About The Worst Criminals They Had To Defend


Ghost activity not bound to the dream world anymore

Adam begins to experience some ghost activity in his new apartment.Did he open a portal of some sorts when he asked ‘Dear David’ the third question? Did he allow David to enter the real world and kill Adam?Remember the girl’s warning? “But never try to ask him a third question, or he’ll kill you”. As we know by now, if David would try to kill Adam in his dream, the sudden wake-up mechanism that allows us to wake up from the horrible nightmares during sleep paralysis, never allows us to be killed in a dream.


It begins

It took a little while, but here it begins.


Animals see the ghost

There are multiple instances of unexplainable actions by animals who apparently interact with something, or someone, unseen. Animals seem to have a sixth sense in connection to the supernatural or paranormal. Scientists believe that this sixth sense is simply be the result keen hearing, an exceptional nose, and its eye view that allows animals to sense small movements that escape our attention. Whichever it is, it is still creepy and the animal’s behaviour should not be ignored.


Seeing movement

That’s just scary. It’s starting to get really creepy now.


Unnerved cats

There is definitely something out there the cats are seeing as a thread. Anyone who knows cats will testify that cats don’t get freaked out too easily. Unless it’s a giant rat? Cats don’t like giant rats. Let’s hope that’s all it is.


‘Dear David’ found Adam

Wait. Don’t go. Don’t leave us on a cliff hanger here. It’s best to keep checking in on Adam every now and then. Let’s hope he’s going to find an reasonable explanation for it all.

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