Freak Out Your Guests With These Creepy Halloween Party Foods

Any successful Halloween party has lots of creepy decorations to put the fear into the guests. But what about the food? Halloween party foods play a vital role in hosting a party your guests will remember and talk about. Drinks and appetizers are a must. You can also make it a real dinner party by adding entire meals and desserts.

Freak out your guests with these creepy, scary foods and drinks. Don’t forget to add some spooky decorations to your dinner table. You can make them easily yourself.


Creepy Halloween party foods and drinks

Lets start out with the drinks. There’s just no party without any drinks.


Cocktails and drinks

Squid Pit

Halloween party foods. Green drink with squid leaning on rim
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Only the toughest of your guests will have the courage to gulp down this shot. A nice and spicy, green tomatillo, cucumber, tequila, bloody mary mix to wash down that (cooked) squid.


Peachy Zombie Brain


Instead of allowing zombies to eat your brain, have your guests drink zombie brains. Or what’s left of their brains. If the drink feels weird in your mouth, don’t worry, it is supposed to. What did you think zombie brains would feel like anyway?

To make this drink simply fill a shot glass with peach schnapps and layer some Irish Cream on the top. Now comes the fun part. Slowly pour a splash of Rose’s Grenadine straight through the Irish Cream into the schnapps. This will curdle the cream and give you the zombie brain.


Bloody cocktail for vampires

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Allowing your guest to squirt the “blood” into their own drinks via syringe will get them asking for more. Mix vodka, amaretto and some ice. Make sure it’s cold. Add some orange juice and club soda and pour it over ice. Draw up raspberry puree (cooked with sugar) into a syringe, and voila. This should get you in the mood for a hayride (adults only).


Give it a punch with shrinking heads

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Add a punch to your party. You might have some non-alcohol drinkers at your party, so you can offer this one both ways. Of course, the shrinking heads will give it a special flavor. Use either red wine or any red juice for the bloody punch. For the heads dissolve 2 Tbsp of salt in 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of water. This mixture is to keep the heads from changing color, but will make them too salty to eat.  Peel apples, cut them in half and get rid of the seeds. Dip the apples into the salty lemon mixture to keep them from turning brown. Carve faces into the apples, then soak them in the mixture for 20 minutes – 1 hour. Then bake them in a 120C (250F) until they begin to shrink.


Halloween party foods

With all that drinking we need some food to soak up that liquor. Serve appetizers, meals and desserts that will put the real freak into your guests.


Finger Dip

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Halloween party foods should never miss out on witch fingers and sweet blood dip to munch on. Make your own dough or use a ready to use one from the store. Shape it into fingers and use the knife to give it the finger joints. If you wish, you can add green food coloring to the dough to give the fingers a witchy glow. For the fingernails almonds will stick to the tips with some red jelly. You can use any jelly or jam flavor of your choice for the dip. If you need to further spice up your party, entertain your guests with these terrifying clown stories.


Meat skull

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This platter is easy to make by using a plastic skull. Drape thinly sliced meats of your choice over the skull. Fat will help the meat stick. Cocktail onions and sliced olives make perfect eyeballs with pupils . Use toothpicks to stick them into the sockets. Add cheeses, crackers, and more meats to the plate and decorate with olives or eyeballs.


Classy black spaghetti

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Black pasta gives Halloween party foods that classy look. Some markets and grocery store will have these black pasta on their shelves just in time for Halloween.

Boil them together with sun-dried tomatoes. Mix butter, parmesan cheese, garlic and basil in a bowl. Once the pasta is done, drain it with a little water left in it. Add the mixture and toss the pasta gently around in it. Add more water and sea salt if needed. What makes a creepy dinner conversation are the true stories of these serial killers.


Feet loaf

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Easy to make and fun to see the look on your guest’s faces. Shape the meatloaf into feet and use onions for the toenails. The ankles look really creepy with the onion as a bone and tomato sauce. Did you know that the show American Horror Story uses characters inspired by real killers?


Human Torso Buffett

All it takes is some old clothes to offer some delicious halloween party foods. If you want to be real creepy about it, use a plastic skull as the head. Cut off the top part and place a dish inside filled with shrimp. Arrange the shrimp to look like the brain.


Eyeball eggs

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The eyeballs take a little preparation time, but it is well worth it. Boil eggs for about 5 minutes in red wine, water and any spices you like to add, like garlic and soy sauce for instance. Turn off the heat and allow the eggs to sit in the red wine mixture for another 10 minutes. Remove the eggs and crack the shells all around. Place them in a bowl and add the spiced red wine mixture until they are completely covered. Place the bowl into the refrigerator 6 hours or up to overnight. Peel and serve.

Spider eggs

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It is amazing how many different Halloween party foods can be created with marbled eggs. This is a delicious deviled eggs dish with avocado, wasabi, lemon juice and a little salt mixed with the yolk. The blue marble can be achieved the same way as the eyeball eggs, only with different ingredients. Here, frozen blueberries and water will give the eggs the blue stripes.


Rat invasion

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The rats smell all the yummy Halloween party foods and are invading your party. Great. At least they are edible. They are made out of brownies with almond ears and red sprinkles for eyes. The tails and whiskers are Vermicelli noodles or egg noodles.


Claw cupcakes

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How about some monster claw cupcakes? To make the claw line simply drag the handle of a small spoon across the frosting. With food coloring you can give it that bloody look. The claws are made out of marshmallow or marzipan. Whichever you prefer. Shape it into a claws, color them and push them into the side of the cupcake. For special effect you can add a little red icing on the tip of each claw.


Glass and blood

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Blood splattered pound cake squares and edible glass add a nice touch to your desserts. Use food coloring for the blood splatter. The edible glass takes sugar, water, corn syrup and cream of tatar. Mix it all in a saucepan and heat it on medium heat for about one hour.

Then spread it evenly over a parchment paper covered baking sheet. After you let it cool for one hour, you can use a mason jar to break the sugary glass into shards. Color the edges with red food coloring.


Sinister apples

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Such a great sinister treat. Black poison apples. They look so great as decoration, you almost don’t want to eat them away. Heat sugar, water, glucose/corn syrup and black food coloring until the sugar has dissolved. Then turn the heat up and boil the caramel until it reaches the hard cracked stage. Now it is ready to dip some big, green Granny Smith apples into it.

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