Haunted Places From Around The World Sure To Give The Creeps

If you are looking for some creepy experiences, there are no better places to visit than the ones that are haunted. There are quite a few haunted places around the world with well documented reports of the supernatural. In several of these places the reports go back many centuries.

What makes a place haunted

With every death some some residue of energy remains at the place the death occurs. These residues, if strong enough, can form together into noises, smells, and figures. Some might even have the strength to move objects.

Intense memories and emotions can trap the energy at a certain place. In most cases, haunted places contain strong energies that are associated with a tragic event, such as a violent death. But not all hauntings involve death at a specific place. The emotion of a great happiness within that energy can also cause a haunting.

What draws people to haunted places

When it comes to the supernatural, there are many cultural similarities around the world. People are obsessed with what goes on after death. What happens to the living after they die? Do they go on to a different place? Or do they stick around?

Coupled with this curiosity are ghost stories that come from folklore and legends. Most of which are pure fiction for entertainment or to scare unruly children. Yet, some seem more realistic and supported by many witnesses. No matter the time period or culture, the fear of the unknown is deeply ingrained in people’s minds. So, it may be simply to satisfy the curiosity, or for the adrenaline rush that comes with the feeling of creepiness.

The most haunted places to visit from around the world

The places listed below can even turn the most skeptic. Reports of paranormal activity are documented by paranormal researchers as well as reports of witnesses dating back many centuries ago up to today.

The Sallie House haunting in Atchison, Kansas, USA

Sallie is a 6-year-old girls and she is the first to haunt the house. Somehow, as time goes on, more entities come to join her and turn the house into a nightmare of activities.

There are several versions to the story of Sallie. All agree that during Sallie’s time, which is somewhere around 1905, a Doctor lives in the house. One day Sallie falls sick and the mother rushes her to the Doctor. There, the Doctor diagnoses her with acute appendicitis and decides to perform a surgery. As he tries to give Sallie ether, she panics and starts fighting him. Things just go wrong and when he begins to make the incision, Sallie is not completely under the gas yet. She never wakes up from surgery, but her last memory is the operating room with all the scary instruments, and a man who is causing her pain.

It is not until 1993 that Sallie’s story gains public attention for the first time. During that time Tony and Debra Pickman move into the house and shortly after they notice strange things happening. Asides from voices, lights flickering and such, several fires break out and Tony suffers scratches and bruises from a series of attacks.

Many paranormal groups are investigating the house ever since, using high tech equipment. They find that the house is occupied by multiple entities, most of which have nothing good on their mind. Which makes it one of the most haunted places you can find. You might also like Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Gruesome Stories

Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland is the strangest of the haunted places

Haunted places within narrow street.
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The Mary King’s Close is a warren of underground streets hiding underneath the City Chambers on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. During the 16th and 17th centuries the streets lead to businesses and homes.

When the plague hits, the city leaders leave people to die on the streets. At one point, the city officials decide to seal up the buildings and streets with walls in order to protect the rest of the city from the spread of the plague. Since then there are continuous reports of ghost sightings and strange noises. Some even claim to feel a little, grasping hand.

Mary King’s Close is one of the most enduringly haunted places in the world. Which leads to continues numerous paranormal investigations every year. And if this doesn’t spook you enough read True ghost stories told by real people

The poltergeist of Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland

Haunting this cemetery is George MacKenzie whose activities give him the name MacKenzie Poltergeist. George MacKenzie is a ruthless persecutor of the Scottish Covenanters, a Presbyterian movement in the 17th century. Visitors to the cemetary say that he is the most aggressive and active poltergeist from all haunted places.

In 1999, according to legend, a homeless man breaks into the Black Mausoleum to find a place to sleep. That is when he releases MacKenzie’s ghost. Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson predicts this release in his 1879 book “Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes”. He writes,  “When a man’s soul is certainly in hell, his body will scarce lie quiet in a tomb however costly; some time or other the door must open, and the reprobate come forth in the abhorred garments of the grave.”

Ever since the release of George MacKenzie from his grave, visitors to the mausoleum return with bruises, scratches, burns, and even broken bones. The national newspaper The Scotsman writes in 2006, “To date there have been more than 450 documented attacks, at least 140 people have collapsed – and there have even been suggestions that the spirit may be responsible for a death.”

Skull figures on mausoleum

Sai Ying Pun Community Complex in Hong Kong, aka the High Street Haunted House

From beginning on this building often changes its purpose. And each change brings with it new deaths.

After the completion of the construction in 1891 the building serves as a nurse’s facility until the beginning of WWI. But during the war it is used as an execution hall under the Japanese occupation. When the war ends, the building is turned into a mental institution. Then, in 1962, the building once again changes its purpose and becomes an outpatient clinic. Finally in 1971, after the clinic closes its doors, the building is abandoned.

The government tries its best to maintain the building, but reports of ghost sightings keep the workers away. The reports range from wailing women, to sightings of decapitated ghosts, and even men bursting into flames. The building eventually catches on fire and much of it is destroyed. The government decides to preserve the old granite facade, demolishes the rest and builds the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex as we know it today. You might also like Defense Attorneys Talk About The Worst Criminals They Had To Defend

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