How A Heroic Cat Refused To Give Up Until His Meows Were Heard

When a stray kitten walked into their lives, Roy and Berneta Rogers never imagined that they adopted a heroic cat. Their story was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and you can watch it below.

As soon as they got married, Roy and Berneta Rogers tried to become parents. Berneta became pregnant three times, but lost all three before she could carry them to terms. The couple was heartbroken.

“There’s a place that you don’t know will ever be filled,” Berneta said. “That love you have for a child, a child you can nurture and hold. And you reach a point that you know it’s going to be a hole in your heart, that nothing quite fills.”

Then, one day, a stray, black kitten walked into their lives. They named him Midnight.

“He was very affectionate, very cuddly when he wanted attention, wanting to be petted.”

Midnight did not only help them heal from their heartache, but he seemed to bring them luck as well. Within the year of his arrival, Berneta found herself pregnant again. Later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The happy couple named her Stacey.

“I do believe Stacey’s birth was a miracle,” Berneta said. “I don’t know that I can put into words … how long we waited and how special that made her.”

The parents were very protective of their baby girl and kept a monitor by her crib.

“We constantly monitored her all the time. We were determined that nothing ever would happen to the baby,” Roy said.

It didn’t take long and Midnight started to turn into Stacey’s bodyguard. You might also like to see all these cats acting like humans.

“He was always looking at her, always staying in her room with her.” Berneta said. Little did she know that Midnight turned out to be quite a heroic cat.

How the heroic cat, Midnight, saved the baby’s life

When Stacey was six weeks old, she got very sick. Berneta rushed Stacey to the doctor, but the pediatrician told her it was just a cold. When she arrived home, Berneta put the baby girl to sleep in her crib. Her parents happened to be visiting that day, so Berneta went back downstairs to join them.

While the three of them were talking, Midnight suddenly came running into the room.

Berneta said, “He came, jumped in my lap and jumped down, and jumped back in my lap. He was pretty persistent. He obviously wanted me to do something, but I really wasn’t interested.”

Midnight ran out of the room again and up the stairs. Then they heard terrifying screeches and wails coming from the baby monitor, and Berneta knew something was wrong.

She ran up the stairs and found Midnight howling into the other monitor in the most frightening way.

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“He started leaning over the bassinet, and I immediately looked at the baby, and she was gasping, her color was blue. I was really concerned, because at that moment in time I thought I was going to lose her.” Berneta said.

They rushed Stacey to the hospital, where she went into full respiratory failure. But she got there just in time so the doctors were able to save her.

“This cat actually saved this baby’s life, for us … There’s no way we could repay him,” Berneta said.

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