Hilarious Cats Acting Like Humans Is All You Need Today

Ever since cats became domesticated they continue to adapt to a life with humans. These hilarious cats took it to the next level by acting “human”. Take a look.

Life with cats

Did you know that humans actually did not start to domesticate cats? No, it was the cats who domesticated themselves. Cats domesticated themselves 3600 B.C.. That is even 2,000 years before Egypt’s pharaohs took a liking to them. It is suggested that large congregations of human dwellings attracted cats to move in because of their large populations of mice and rats. That is also the reason why, in Egypt, it was illegal to slay cats. Without cats the cities would not have had any control over the rat population. Which might be the reason why ancient Egypt began to worship cats as divine beings. When a family cat died, the family members mourned by shaving off their eyebrows. They even had funerals for the cats, including the mummification and burials inside the family tomb.

But not all humans are cat lovers. In the 15th century, Pope Innocent VIII disliked them so much, he began ordering the killing of cats and pronounced them demonic. And despite the fact that cats are the most popular pets in the U.S., only 11.5% of people consider themselves “cat people.” That is the reason why they ended up among these superstitions of good and bad omens from around the world. Some countries find them to bring good luck.

Hilarious cats that act like they are human

Cats adapted well to live with humans. It did not take long for them to figure out what works best to find their ways into the human hearts. They even found ways to communicate with us to let us know what their demands are at the moment. Did you know that there are more than a dozen ways to meow and each with a different meaning? While kittens use meows to communicate their needs with their mothers, adult cats only use them to talk to us. If you are a cat owner you probably know exactly what your cat wants by the way it meows at you.  The story about a heroic black cat who saved the life of an infant by using meows and what it had learned about humans, is a fine example of cats adapting to humans.

That’s by far not all. Some hilarious cats took it even a step further. They also started to act like humans. The earliest film ever created of cats acting like human beings is from 1894.

After that boxing match this is probably needed. Nothing like a cat bouncing on your chest to get that heart pumping again. Maybe cats should adapt like these hard to find camouflage animals.

Hilarious cats giving CPR

Cats are not that social

By nature cats are really loners. They don’t like to live in packs, but since it seems to be a human behaviour they “try” to adapt. You might also enjoy this video of a wolf and moose battle for survival.


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