Find Out The Meaning Behind Your Most Common Dreams

If you have recurring dreams, it generally indicates there is an unresolved issue in your life. Knowing the meaning behind your most common dreams may help you to resolve the conflict.

Dreams generated by stress, even if it was a long time ago, can keep coming back over and over again. If you have recurrent dreams you are not alone. Between  60% and 75% of adults experience dreaming a dream theme repetitively. In order to achieve psychological and emotional balance, your brain works through complicated, unsettling thoughts, emotions, and experiences during your dream cycles. To do so, it creates themes that make out the stage of the issue.

Your most common dreams and the meaning behind them


Someone or something chases you in your dream indicates that you are trying to avoid something. This can be a person or another issue. In this theme the context of the chase may identify who or what is chasing you. You may be running from your emotions, trying to avoid something that is annoying or painful to you. Or something you are afraid of. The themes of being chased actually the most common dreams people are experiencing.

What’s up if instead of being chased, you are the one doing the chasing? In this case you have an excessive drive to achieve a goal. It could be that you are attracted to a certain person, but you feel like he or she is out of reach.

Try to face the problem that is weighing you down lately to end the chase.

Losing your teeth

Teeth are a symbol of self-worth and confidence. To dream about losing your teeth does not mean you are going to lose them in real life. Well, maybe at some point you will, but you would not be dreaming about it. It is rather one of the most common dreams that indicate that you have lost control over something. You feel powerless.

You may have problems to communicate or understand a personal issue. The theme can also point to a lack of confidence in social or interpersonal situations. Furthermore, difficulties with public speaking or expressing intimate feelings can also trigger the tooth dream.


You appear somewhere in public and suddenly discover that you are completely naked. What a nightmare!

This haunting nightmare is one of the most common dreams to recur when you feel vulnerable or shameful. You might feel embarrassed about something about yourself, something other people don’t know about you. It can also be triggered if you feel inferior or are troubled by guilt. If you have been dreaming about being naked in public for a long time it might indicate that you felt neglected or deprived of attention at some point in the past.


From cars, to planes, to trains…, dream themes involving any types of vehicle have meanings in several ways. Here again the context of the dream also plays a role. The vehicle is a reflection of yourself and can also be symbolic of your life’s journey.

The part to focus on in your life is determined by if you dream about being behind the wheel or a passenger. How do you treat yourself or do you allow others to treat you?

High speed and recklessness can be a warning to slow down and be more careful in what you are doing. The vehicle spins out of control? Maybe you have lost control in life over something. Driving off a cliff could indicate a bad decision by either yourself or someone else.

A flashy and fast vehicle may represent a new-found freedom and control. The condition of the vehicle may reflect your entire life or your current health status. It can also indicate your drive and ambition regarding your current situation.

Look at the details of the vehicle and your emotions surrounding the dream. This allows you to be able to relate the dream to what’s going on in your life.


The most common dreams tied to anxiety are about getting lost.

Getting lost means you are feeling frustration, confusion, and maybe even a sense of not fitting in a current situation. It might be a new job you feel under-qualified for, a move to a new location, or an upcoming project.


Just as it is with most common dreams, themes with falling in them are dealing with insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. They are often about you feeling a sense of failure in something in your life. Like a situation is out of your control and makes you feel overwhelmed. To see what is going on in the heads of people who suffer from these feelings on a daily basis an artist created some meaningful illustrations.

On the other hand, if you are falling very slow it might also indicate a feeling of serenity. That you are able to let go of something that has been troubling you. Which is a good thing.

Being pregnant

Dreams about being pregnant are letting you know that you are craving for some type of a creation. Maybe it is time to start that new project you recently had an idea about. Or maybe you once let go of a desire or passion by choosing a different path? Try to connect to that earlier passion. Pregnancy dreams are basically trying to kick-start you into action.

Struggling to walk

In general, walking in your dreams means that you are making slow and steady progress toward achieving your goals. But it all depends on how you walk the walk.

Walking without moving forward or walking in circles means you feel you are not making the progress you think you should. It is a fear of not being able to support yourself and your goals. Reexamine your goals to see if you can start moving forward again.


If you are being trapped in your dream, it means that you are also feeling trapped in your real life. Be it the job, or a relationship… maybe it is time to find something new. Make changes.

Money, money, money

Money is one of the most common dreams that represent confidence, self-worth, and success.

A lot of money means you are confident and feel successful. On the other hand, if you are lacking money in your dream, you are worried about your financial situation. Finding money might symbolize your own desire to find love, power, or success.


One of the most common dreams that deals with emotions and the unconscious have a water theme of some sort. It can have negative and positive meanings. Water means purification, change, renewal and new life.

Cloudy, turbulent water shows you that your emotions might be confusing, making you feel out of control. While clear and calm water means all is well.

Many Native American tribes see water in dreams as a sign that a person is transcending this world. Or that a deeper state of consciousness is taking place.

Dreams about death

In general, dreams about death signalize an end and a new beginning. The entering or exiting of an uncertain part in your life. This could be a life-changing event that creates anxiety and fear of the unknown.

But it can also indicate attempts of resolving anger or anxiety directed toward yourself or someone else in your life. If you dream about death you could learn that you are not at peace with the ending of something big in your life. Or you could learn that part of you is unsure about your own death…, about what will happen when you die. It may be the attempt of your unconscious to bring your fear of death to the conscious mind.

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