Most Tasteless Halloween Costumes That People Have Dared To Wear

What you are about to see are the most tasteless Halloween costumes you should never wear. Why would anyone dress up in a disguise just to offend others? Halloween is supposed to be fun.
Every Halloween partier knows the struggle of deciding in what kind of costume to disguise themselves each year. After all, Halloween parties can turn out to be quite competitive, with some even giving out prices for the best Halloween costume of the night.

So, they want their costume to be genius and unique. Usually, people have really good taste in choosing which Halloween costume to wear. But some people just cross the boundaries by choosing the most tasteless Halloween costumes they can come up with. They forget that this is the age of the world-wide web and their utter lack of taste is visible to everyone.

The most tasteless Halloween costumes you should never wear

Droopers? Really?

Lets offend the women for something that comes with aging and breast feeding. This is for sure one of the most tasteless Halloween costumes that will bring out insecurities women are trying to hide.

most tasteless Halloween costumes



Most tasteless Halloween costumes involve making fun of the homeless. The wearers of such costumes should consider themselves lucky not to be in that situation. It can hit anyone at anytime and completely unexpected.


Border crossing

This dude is not only making himself look stupid, but is showing the world how racist he is toward immigrants from south of the border.

Abuser and abused

Domestic violence is a real problem all over the world. Why would anyone think it is funny to beat up their partner?

Even if the couples are celebrities like Rihanna & Chris Brown, the abuse should never be made fun of.


More domestic abuse

Most tasteless Halloween costumes seem to follow a trend. Again. Domestic violence is not cool. So stop showing it off.


Changing colors

Don’t ever blackface. It’s a no-no and considered racist.


Most tasteless Halloween costumes involve sex fantasies

Date rape drug

This is wrong on so many levels.


Cosby fantasy

What’s up with guys admiring rapists? It’s not even a costume.


Groping booth

Keep your hands to yourself, perv.


No words

I don’t even have words for this.


The dream of a genie

Most tasteless Halloween costumes are also the most ridiculous ways to show off manhood.


Bloody hell

Disgusting, to say the least.


Go get a horse

Nobody wants to ride you. Nothing beats these super scary hayrides, For adults only.


Wet T-shirt contest

Save it for the summer.


Deadly disease

You do know that people keep dying from these diseases, right? So why would you dress like it? The dead often leave messages. True stories.


Another genie

Another genie who can’t keep it zipped. What’s up with them fantasies?

Do you love watching gross pimples getting popped? Check out this pimple cake with poppable zits.


No condoms

This is just disgusting and a good way to scare anyone away from you. It’s totally not funny to troll teenage pregnancies. If you are trying to make a point, then dress as a condom.



The only thing that’s missing here is your brain if you wear this. Why traumatize the families of missing children? This is certainly one of the most tasteless Halloween costumes.


Suicide bomber

This one is not only tasteless, it is also racist, and might even get you in trouble. Besides, it is also showing disrespect for the families of the victims of suicide bombers.


Doing it with the dead

Do I need to point out all that is wrong with this one? Did you know Halloween has a dark side?




Making fun of people with health problems is not cool. It also can cause trigger effects on the people who are trying so hard to overcome this eating disorder. Yes. They actually sell this costume in stores under the name of “Ana Rexia”


The clan

Two things here. For one, wearing the clan uniform is racist, but I’m sure you already know that. For two, who in the hell would go along with this, as a person of color? Well, actually three. Dressing as clan members is so outdated.

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