Mothers Texting Their Kids Can Be Quite Hilarious

When mothers use technology it can get pretty hilarious. Specially when they are not familiar with the device they are using. And even if they do know how to use it, the things they have to say can get you bursting out in laughter.

We really can’t blame mothers when they have a hard time to adjust to the way of texting. Most of them grew up using the phone without the ability to text. And what about all that text lingo? LOL, RMAOL, and so on… it can be hard for our mothers to keep up with it all. Nevertheless, mothers also show to have a great sense of humor when it comes to sending off a quick text to their kids. Some of them made me laugh tears. It can make us wish we all had mothers like these. Have a look.

Texting or sexting

When mothers read their kid’s texts to others, they might be in for a surprise. One son finds his way out of an embarrassing situation quickly, while his sibling has to save mom from becoming a serial sexter.

This sure was a dirty trick to play on his mom. He probably thinks it’s hilarious when texts contain a penis emoticon. Or maybe he wasn’t thinking at all at the time. He is sooo busted! I wish I could see how he explains his way out of that one. Let’s hope she didn’t already include it in her texts to other people.

mothers sexting without knowledge

Message delivered

Mothers can be quick-witted, but they also can get very confused. Specially older mothers who are not used to modern technology can have a hard time figuring out how things work. Maybe this mom forgot she was texting rather than talking on her phone at the moment? This can happen to anyone who hasn’t had their coffee yet. I mean, who really can think without a coffee.

When mothers apply new meanings to acronyms

Oh boy. Texts and all the acronyms that come with it. Since we’re always in a hurry these days, we tend to use a lot of acronyms in our texts and messages. With hundreds of millions people texting and messaging every day, it’s no surprise to see a lot of them. And to mothers they seem like a cryptic code of some sort. It’s hard to keep up with them all if you’re not a regular texter. Let’s have a look at these two mothers, and try not to laugh too hard.

Well that’s fantastic (WTF)

Sounds a lot nicer than the real meaning.

Lots of love (LOL)

When someone passes away it is usually not a laughing matter. On the other hand, mothers getting their acronyms mixed up certainly is. I hope all the receivers of her text have a sense of humor.

They probably figured out it was a mistake. If not, this poor mom will have become the new subject of town gossip. For some more LOLs check out these hilarious, funny quotes that are meant to motivate you in life.

And here’s more acronym trouble

A quick “It means” or “it stands for,” or something in that manner would’ve helped mom quite a bit. This is one of my favorites.


I bet she’s using it on a lot of texts. Just to show you how the brains of mothers work. Give them some time and they’ll figure out in which context to use certain acronyms. She’ll love it once she finds out the actual meaning of yolo.

Totally spaced out

When mothers manage to conquer the tasks of texting, bang, they get confronted with upgrades. Let’s face it. New technologies and endless upgrades come at such a high speed, it is hard for anyone to keep up. Especially for mothers who have just entered the digital age and gotten a smart phone. If only the smartphone was smart enough to do the spaces easy enough for all our mothers to understand. Maybe some day someone will come up with something that keeps older people in mind. Until then, there might be more people receiving texts without spacing the words.

The Freudian Slip?

This mom definitely had her mind on something more erotic while typing the text. It sure doesn’t look like your regular typo. She can’t blame it on auto correct either. Rather than a slip of the tongue, this was a slip of the texting finger.

This mom was thinking of a romantic dinner (lunch, food) followed by a you know what, and unintentionally revealed her internal train of thought to her son. At least that’s the way Freud would explain it. Lucky for her, Freud is most likely not what jumped into her son’s mind when he received the text. At least he had a good laugh from it.

Running Google?

It’s easy for mothers to think their kids have the ability to change google. After all, they are such computer wizards compared to mom’s world of rotary dial phones. But this mom believes her kid actually runs google. This is absolutely hilarious. It could come straight out of a comedy show.

When mothers give encouragement

I love this mom. She has such a great sense of humor. It’s probably fun to be around her all day. Just tell it how it is, mom. Showing this text to a Psychiatrist, ” So, how does that make you feel?” … “Sigh.” How about a glass of wine, or, why not just make it a bottle. You’ll really get a kick out of these funny quotes for wine lovers.

Delivering the burn

As I mentioned earlier, mothers can be pretty quick-witted and are always ready to deliver a punch. I guess it comes with motherhood to develop a quick tongue when living with teenagers. This kid got burned.

No reply

What’s up with kids nowadays that they don’t always reply to mom’s texts right away? It leaves mom wonder if her texts are really being sent. Well, this mom found a cure for that. And it sure worked.

Advice on how to stay healthy

I laughed so hard reading this. It’s just an auto correct problem, but it’s absolutely perfect. I bet this kid will look at apples in a whole different way from now on. And stay away from apple eating doctors, and high heels. Yes, you read it right. Just take a look at these celebrities and their women’s footwear fails


When mothers give relationship advice

Mother always said… What a way to pass on advice from generation to generation. It must’ve worked well for Nana, or else she wouldn’t have said it. Right? If you need some advice on matters of the heart read these love quotes. Caution, though. You’ll need a sense of humor.

Mothers and voice text

Maybe this mom used to be a Secretary. She might be used to listen to dictations. But, it works better than allowing voice text to add the spaces automatically. Look what happens without dictating spaces and punctuation marks. Voice technology drives me crazy. It’s a great idea, but still needs a lot of work.

No Swiffer picker upper

Another auto correct, but nevertheless quite hilarious. Maybe a Swiffer is not the right gift to give on a anniversary. No household items, Dad.

Mothers dealing with teenage hormones

Any parent who deals with the teenage years of their kids knows about those raging hormones. It doesn’t matter if it’s socks or condoms, mothers will find them.

As parent you have to be on your toes and stay updated all the time about what’s happening around them, too. Or else you might be in for some big shockers. The next moms handled the situations perfectly. Go moms.

The cat wants to know

Busted by the cat. Did the cat think it was a mouse? Good thing mom caught it before the kitty tried to eat them. That would’ve been really bad. This should be quite embarrassing for the kid, though. Lesson learned?

No push pops for you, sweety

Here is a mom who’s on her toes. Teenage girls are under a lot of peer pressure. You can’t hang with the popular group unless you try to fit in. Mostly not in a good way. I love how mom responds at the end. Hint! Hint! Her daughter sure can’t say she never had “the talk” with her mom. LOL!!!


The favorite song

I saved the best for last. It is my absolute favorite. The bad part is, now I can’t get the song out of my head. Try singing it with the new lyrics. Hilarious.

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