Non Morning Person Memes That Night Owls Can Relate To

Are you having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Don’t worry. Here are the perfect relatable non morning person memes for all night owls. Early birds and any person in between will love them too. Enjoy 😇

The best non morning person memes

No change

“One does not simply become a morning person.”

First off, a non morning person cannot simply change. Science says there is no on and off switch, because it’s in the genes.

non morning person


Bird: “You need to get up.” Snow White: “You need to fuck off.”

Try to wake a non morning person too early in the morning and get ready to be sh*t on. Nothing personal.

Can’t make me

“If you try waking me up early.” Dogie: “Nope. Can’t make me. Don’t care.”

You can shake them all you want. A non morning person has a hard time waking up.

Early birds

“What the f*ck are birds so excited about at AM?”

Birds are way too cheerful in the early morning hours. Do they have a snooze button?

Alarm 1 goes off

“When your alarm goes off in the morning and you think to yourself ‘do I really NEED this job'”

Getting out of bed early in the morning is so hard that you even consider calling in sick.

Second alarm goes off

Frog sitting on the bed depressed: “When your alarm goes off & you have to go to work because you didn’t die in your sleep.”

You need the money, because you’re still alive. Therefore you have no choice, but try to be at work on time. Maybe some motivational quotes can help. The kind that requires a sense of humor. That will cheer you up and might be just what you need to get you going again.


Mental prep

Frog sitting on the bed depressed: “Me mentally preparing myself to leave my bed and dealing with people”

You can’t just jump out of bed. It takes time, and mental preparation. After all, the body might be sitting up, but the brain is still asleep.

Not enough

“When you wake up in the morning and it feels like you only slept for 8 minutes.”

Having to wake up hours before you are ready is taking its toll.

Still not ready

“Me: well I just woke up. Time to be productive.” “Me to me: stare at your phone in bed for an hour.”

A non morning person tries their best to motivate themselves, but while doing so, the brain goes back to sleep.

No shine

“No. I don’t ‘rise and shine.’ Most days I just caffeinate and the hope for the best.”

You might rise, but you refuse to shine unless there’s coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Then, maybe…

Getting ready to face the world

“When you’re trying to look nice but you haven’t slept in five years.”

It’s hard to look your best when you are just not into it, yet. Maybe more coffee?

The need to hide the tired

“I’m looking for a moisturizer that hides the fact that I’ve been tired since 2010.”

Your job requires you to look fresh and very much awake. Is there still no moisturizer for it yet?

Early bird friend

“When you’re not a morning person but You’re best friend is…”

A non morning person and a cheerful early bird as a best friend? This has got to be painful.

No good morning

“I always say, ‘Morning’ instead of ‘Good morning’, because if it was a good morning I would still be in my bed and not talking.”

If you are not a morning person then no morning feels like a good morning.

Painful thought

“When I think about having to wake up early tomorrow, ‘ Everything hurts and I think I’m dying.’ #IMightDie #NotAMorningPerson #TeacherLife”

The thought alone of having to get up early again the next morning can create some pains.

Can’t wait

“I haven’t even gone to bed yet and I already can’t wait to come home from work tomorrow.”

You are ready to call it a day before the day has even come.

When it’s still dark outside

“When you hear something go bump in the dark, but then you remember you don’t care weather you live or die.” Going back to sleep.

For a non morning person it might be easier to roll out of bed when it’s daylight. But if it is still dark outside… forget it.

Don’t wake the grumpy

“How normal people wake up: looking cheerful. How I wake up: looking like Gollum from Lord of the Rings”

When you live with a non morning person be prepared to wake the grumpy inside.

Don’t text

“When someone sends you a cheery ‘good morning!’ text that wakes you up…” “You should let me sleep!”

Don’t send a text to a non morning person when they still have time to sleep. Speaking of texts. Here are some funny texts moms have sent to their kids.

Know the difference

“Some people in the morning (Cheerful stretching their arms in the morning sun). Me: Face on the floor, legs still in bed.”

Non morning persons are not lazy. Even science agrees that we are all wired different in that respect. The struggles are real.

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