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Pranks can be hilarious no matter where they happen. But what makes outdoor pranks so special is that they are not restricted to people we know. They can involve complete strangers, and the audience can be quite large. Be it at the beach somewhere or out on the street… who cares. There are opportunities everywhere.

You just need to have the right ideas. So, let’s get you inspired. Take a look at what others have accomplished, and have a good laugh.

Outdoor pranks that keep you laughing

#1 The seagull prank

One can call seagulls the pigeons of the sea. They come in hordes when they see food. Excellent prank. It does remind of the movie “The Birds”.

#2 Home run

Nice fake ball. Don’t let it hit you in the head.

#3 The Jason prank

Every man on his own? Feed her to the fishes and save your own a**. That a boy.

#4 Biting the grass

And another one bites the dust… eh, grass. But he did manage to cover quite some ground.

#5 The dancing garbage bag

This is one of the funniest outdoor pranks. Just the thought of someone suddenly jumping out of a garbage bag…

#6 Another sea monster

Getting away from the danger in the water by falling into the water? Are the outdoors too much for you? Maybe you rather do pranks at the workplace.

 #7 Catapult

This actually looks like fun. Maybe he should’ve waited until she finished her drink? I would hate to spill my drink.

#8 Hooking up

Hahaha. That look. This prank requires two people, but it is definitely worth it. It’s priceless to see the look on people’s faces.

#9 The headless man

“Sorry mam, I’m losing my head here.” This should be an easy costume to make at home. Then use it to scare the neighbors.

#10 Beware of Dino

This prank has even got the dogs trying to run for their lives.

 #11 Chucky is real

This one can scare anybody. Chucky jumping out of a Chucky poster. I’m voting this prank to be one of the scariest outdoor pranks I have seen done to strangers.


#12 Hot peppers

Now you know where the dragons got their fire from.


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