Pimple Cakes With Poppable Zits Popularity Is Going Through The Roof

Pimple cakes with poppable zits sounds gross, but is surprisingly gaining in popularity. What a delicious treat this must be for the fans of Dr. Pimple Popper. Even if the you can’t stand pimples and the whole idea of watching them pop, the cakes would make a great addition to any Halloween party.

The Cakescape, a bakery in Malaysia, whips up ideas and works magic on the cake of your dreams for years. A few months back they started making cakes in the shape of a face and added pimples on them. Not just plain old dots that resemble some pimples. No. You can pop these pimples just like the real ones we are plagued with. And just like real pimples, once you pop them some white-yellowish goo comes out. Not to worry, though. In the case of pimple cakes it is a sugary confection, not puss.

pimple cakes

Pimple cakes are rising in popularity

Mashable did an interview with Cakescape and according to them, Cakescape sold over 20 pimple cakes last year alone. And the sales are still on the rise. The popularity is mostly attributed to the gimmicky nature of the pimple-poppable cakes. But also to doctors like Dr. Pimple Popper, who have gained quite a large follower profile on the internet. Not a fan of Dr. Pimple Popper? Add the cake to your Halloween party and in addition, creep out your guests with these creepy foods and drinks.


Pimple cakes are customizable

Cakescape will add anything you wish to their cakes, like a nameplate necklace for example. (Also see some real dead bug nail art)

pimple cakes

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