Police Receive Reports Of Raccoons Acting Like Zombies

In the past three weeks, police in Youngstown, Ohio, have received numerous calls about raccoons acting like zombies.

WKBN-TV reported, one of the callers, Photographer Robert Coggeshall, said he was playing with his dogs when they were approached by a raccoon. When he put his dogs inside, the raccoon followed them to the door.

Robert Coggeshall said, “He would stand up on his hind legs, which I’ve never seen a raccoon do before, and he would show his teeth and then he would fall over backward and go into almost a comatose condition.”

Raccoons acting like zombies is not a good sign, but cats acting like humans seems to be quite normal. Take a look. Cats totally think they are human.

Police are asking to report any sightings of raccoons acting like zombies

According to the state’s Department of Natural Resources the raccoons are most likely infected with the viral disease Distemper. Raccoons with distemper may move slowly and may stumble as they walk. Often there will be a mucus discharge present around the eyes and nose. This may be accompanied by coughing, diarrhea, tremors, vomiting, seizures, or chewing fits. They might also only exhibit some of these symptoms, but otherwise appear healthy.

This far, police found 15 raccoons of the calls they responded to. All 15 have been euthanized.

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