Rare Video Footage Of Wolf And Moose Battle For Survival

When filmmaker Dan Nystedt set out to film some scenic views in Ontario, Canada, he didn’t think that he would catch a scene that made his video go viral. In his rare video footage he was able to capture a wolf and moose battle for survival inside a lake.

While taking an areal video, Dan comes across a moose that stands perfectly still in the knee-deep water. As the camera keeps slowly moving past, he catches a glimpse of something else jumping into the water. He turns his focus back to the moose. What jumped into the water turns out to be a wolf. What unfolds next is a wolf and moose battling each other for survival. The moose keeps stomping with its feet, trying to scare the wolf back to the edge of the water. But the wolf is hungry and eventually gets a hold of the moose.

But the battle between the two is far from over. By circling and running through the water, the moose tries to shake the wolf off. When this technique doesn’t work, the moose goes down to its knees, thus forcing the wolf’s head under water. This action did the trick and the wolf let go. But that doesn’t mean the wolf admitted defeat. He chases after the moose who wisely remains in the water. Forcing the wolf to partly swim and partly hop while trying to catch up with its prey, the moose starts to gain a save distance. Eventually, the wolf gives up and turns to swim back to dry land.

The wolf and moose battle goes viral

As soon as Dan posted his video it didn’t take long for it to go viral. And, of course, the internet took sides. On one side there is “Team Moose.” No second guessing on whose side they are on.

On the other side you have the people who admire the wolf for being so brave to go after an animal so much bigger and heavier than itself. One twitter user assumes the wolf was starving to make such a desperate attempt.

It is not uncommon for wolves to hunt moose. Nature is about eating and being eaten, and foremost, Nature is about balance. You might also enjoy reading about these strange and rare mutations found in Nature

Wolf and Moose

Wolf and moose live on this island together.
Image-National Geographic

When trying to tackle large prey, wolves are more successful working in a pack. In some areas, moose are the primary source of nutrition for wolves.

Isle Royale, for instance, is a secluded island in Lake Superior not far from the Canadian border. On this island, wolf and moose depend on each other for survival of the species. Since the island is so secluded, the only predators the moose face are the wolves.

They keep the moose on the move, which prevents them from over-grazing their favorite areas. Over-grazed areas end up only growing weeds that the moose can’t survive on. Without the wolves, the moose would overpopulate the island and soon turn it into a wasteland without any nutrition to find for themselves.


The wolves can’t survive there without hunting the moose. If they hunt too many of them, they run out of food themselves and their pack numbers drastically reduces. This wolf and moose relationship keeps the balance for both species and the land they are on. Which guarantees all of their survival. You might also like viewing Nature’s scary side of life and death.


In the right place at the right time

Thanks to Dan you can watch this awesome video of just another day in the lives of wolf and moose species battle for survival. He writes that he captured this event “happenstance while shooting some scenics in Northern Ontario.”

Luckily for us he was in the right place at the right time. This moment in Nature rarely happens right in front of a camera without following the animals around. Dan continues that he “was excited by the moose sighting” and “as I was leaving something unexpected took place.”

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