School Kids Save Navy Veteran and Wife From Exposure To Cold

Navy veteran Eddie Browning and his wife, Cindy Browning living in the cold received a big surprise. And all that, thanks to a group of school kids.

The Tiny House project for Navy veteran and his wife

The couple fell on hard times. They had no money to fix up their camper, which was falling apart. Navy veteran Eddie Browning says they would’ve been freezing to death if it wasn’t for the Elm Street Elementary students in Rome, Georgia. Watch the video below. You might also like to read about these winter hacks that’ll help you make it through the cold and icy days.

The group of kids decided to build a tiny house for the Navy veteran and his wife. After organizers from Georgia Tiny House Festival at Ooh La La Lavender farms found out about the project, volunteers stepped in to make it even bigger.

The original tiny house the students built for the basically homeless Navy veteran couple, was four feet by eight feet. And, it lacked any plumbing and electricity.

Then, volunteers, sponsors, and donors gave the kids a helping hand. They turned the little tiny house into a 240 square feet home. It now also has a bathroom, kitchen, and amenities. The original kid’s tiny house was turned into a second bedroom.

After learning that kid’s made all this happen, the Navy veteran couple broke into tears. What a wonderful surprise.

The project was such a success, now the school is trying to create a tiny house every year and donate it to homeless people.

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