How Many Triangles Brain Teaser Leaves People Stumped On Twitter

A triangles brain teaser went viral on twitter after a user shared an illustration with multiple lines drawn through it. Along with it she asked, “How many triangles?”

Simple enough. Right? Eh…., no. Wrong.

Looking at the illustration it does not look difficult at all. Count all the triangles inside, then add all the different combinations of triangles, and don’t forget to count the outer shape. Which is also a triangle. No problem, so it seems.

As it turns out, the tweet received more than 700 comments. All ranging from answers stating the correct answer to be 4 to 45 triangles in the picture.

So, what exactly is the right answer? Looking through the comments in the tweet, it seems like the majority of people agrees that the answer should be 18.

But one user thinks that 24 is the correct answer. His illustration looks plausible and more correct. One thing is for certain. This triangle brain teaser may be the cause for another one of the most excruciating ways to die…,  something like spontaneous brain combustion.

What do you think? How many triangles can you see in the picture? Leave a comment below.

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What do you think? Leave a comment.

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