Unusual Pickle Products For All Pickle Lovers Out There

Are you one of those people who always order extra pickles on your burgers and sandwiches? You are going to love these unusual pickle products they came up with this year.

Even if you just happen to crave pickles for the day, you don’t have to go out and buy an entire jar of them. You might just grab a pickle soda, or have a pickle candy or popsicle. And if you just can’t live without any at all, you can make some delicious pickle desserts, like chocolates, or cupcakes. If you like your alcohol with pickles, you should try the pickle beer or pickle vodka. Or simply add pickle ice to your favorite drink. Join the pickle mania and experiment with your favorite foods. Fresno Grizzlies’ “The Chickle” might give you some creative ideas.

Unusual pickle products

Soda and juice

If you are a pickle lover and like to drink the juice, you are going to really enjoy these two unusual products. Talking about unusual. Take a look at this pimple cake. Don’t wait around for the pickles in the jar to be gone before you can drink all that delicious juice. Just grab a soda made with the natural flavors of pickle juice for a sweet and salty taste.

Unusual pickle products. Pickle soda bottles in a shelf.

If you don’t like sodas just drink your juice straight out of the can. You can also use the canned juice to mix with your cocktails. Sounds better than ordering extra pickles on your burger and you come across one of the customer service trolls.
Cans of pickle juice

Candy and Popsicle

Just perfect for the Holiday season they came out with some pickle candy canes. If we are in luck we might even get pickle Easter bunnies? One can hope. Holiday season is also a cold season. Check out these delicious soups perfect to warm you up inside.

These popsicles come with added electrolytes, therefore they are ideal for the hot summers and athletes. But there is no need to wait around for the summer heat or physical workout to enjoy this pickle ice.

You can add it to drinks like a Bloody Mary.

How about these desserts?

So you have a sweet tooth, but you also crave something salty. Then you need to try these unusual products straight out of the kitchen. How about some yummy chocolate-covered pickles. It goes great together.

Image- Dr. Chockenstein

You don’t have to be pregnant to try out these cupcakes. Yes, you can make them in all kinds of variations. Use pickle juice and or chopped pickles in any of your favorite cupcakes. If you are a vegan, just substitute for dairy free products.

To give you an idea, watch this video from Delish. They’re even topping it off with a little bourbon in the icing. Yum!!!

Beer and vodka

Putting the “unusual” in unusual these products might as well be pickle beer. While there are already such beers on the market, the Barley John’s Brewery in New Brighton, Minnesota created an ale that will make your mouth water. They added horseradish, fresh dill and spices to their Dill Pickle Ale and topped it off with a dill pickle and dill cheese.

In an e-mail Barley John’s told TODAY Food, “The Dill Pickle Ale base is our year-round Little Barley Session Ale.” The beer is so tasty that it might not just be confined to the state fair. The brewery is considering plans to make the beer available for everyone.

Here is something for your vodka cocktail. There are some companies out there that came up with this genius idea. They simply used premium vodka and combined it with the flavor. This flavored vodka goes with everything where you use vodka.

Fresno Grizzlies’ “The Chickle”

Are you still craving pickles? Here is a great idea for a chicken sandwich. The people at Fresno Grizzlies came up with the idea to substitute the bun of their chicken sandwiches with a pickle. How is this for “extra pickles”? As you can see, they go with a lot of things and can be added to just about everything to satisfy your hunger for them. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it. Also, please take a moment to give our facebook page GAHA Entertainment a like.

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