The Upside Down Christmas Tree Trend Has Arrived

You won’t believe it until you see it. There seems to be an upside down christmas tree trend spreading through stores and hotels. Has the world gone mad? Or are we just getting bored of the same old, same old? Obviously, having the tree stand up in the same manner as it came growing out of the ground is just not doing it any more. Let’s see what the good people on twitter have to say about this. As you can imagine, the opinions go both ways.

The upside down christmas tree at the Hotel Del Coronado

Upside down christmas tree at Claridges Hotel

No more beautiful star crowning the decorated festive evergreen tree. No more angel smiling down on the children’s faces from the highest peak. Instead, the tree now wears a crown made from its own roots.

Maybe people just want more presents. The upside down christmas tree certainly provides more room to place more or bigger presents around it.  And if there is still not enough room, one can just hang it from the ceiling.

Of course, to have an upside down christmas tree doesn’t come cheap. You best sit down for this one. It seems that Target caught on to this madness and is putting on an even crazier price tag. At least these incredible useful winter hacks won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make it through the winter.

But it’s not like the stores and hotels came up with this idea. Someone’s parents have already thought of it and integrated it into their festive tradition. And for quite some time, I might add. Some things just take time to catch on, but catching on they do eventually.

Is it disrespectful? Some think so.

Others just claim it to be utter nonsense. Not even Hogwarts turned their tree upside down. See what’s happening at the Hogwarts christmas feast and yule ball this year.

And then there are the ones who liken the arrival of the upside down christmas tree to the anti-christ.

So, is it a sign of the end of times? Is the apocalypse near? Or could there just maybe an error in the assembly or manufacturing?  Elves, you owe us an explanation. Let’s take a look. Click on 2 below to continue.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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