The Perils Of Fashionable Women’s Footwear As Shown By Celebrities

Whoever came up with this women’s footwear policy must have been men since they never have to wear them. These celebrities accidentally demonstrate in public the pain it brings for women to try and stay fashionable and fit in.

Attitudes have changed a lot, but high heels and pointy toes remain in spite of the pain and health risks that come with them. Why do some women love their shoes so much it hurts?

Turns out while there are women who are absolutely crazy about every new shoe style that comes out, most have a love/hate relationship when it comes to women’s footwear.

Why do women wear uncomfortable shoes?

A number of dresses are just crying for pumps and heels. There’s no way you get away with matching them with sneakers. If you want to go out clubbing, wear those heels. You are invited to a formal event? Wear those heels. But it’s not just our social life that puts demands on our feet.

No pain, no gain certainly holds true for women in certain professions. Just like it is not even thought of for men to show up without suit and tie at many careers, women too are bound by a dress code. Although nobody ever calls it that. A dress code for women that requires heels? That would be sexist. So let’s just call it an office dress code that men and women both abide by.

This women’s footwear policy seems almost a necessity for women to be taken serious in a “Man’s world”. It help us to be more persuasive. As a matter of fact, a study found that 40 percent of men respond to a women wearing flats, 60 percent to women in medium heels, and 80 percent of men were all ears when the women were wearing high heels. Heels give women more power.

Of course there is also the common belief that heels make us look more sexy, walk more attractive, and look more feminine. They give us male attention. And there is the culture.

If you live at a place where women’s footwear consists mainly of sling backs or stilettos you best adjust. Let’s not forget the pop culture of fashion magazines, TV shows and movies that make us almost believe women are born in high heels.

Celebrities accidentally show us the pain of wearing fashionable women’s footwear

Standing in the public light, female celebrities have to go with the fashion. At least during public events. Appearance counts. Just about everywhere they show up, cameras are snapping pictures and they better look good because the world will see it. The following celebrities, inadvertently showed us why women’s footwear with heels and tight toes are the most painful fashion design ever invented for women. Talk about fashion. This nail art uses real bugs and plants for your nails.

Kim Kardashian

While pregnant with Kanye West’s child, North West, back in 2013, Kim didn’t think of the swollen feet that come with being pregnant. Instead of wearing comfortable shoes, she decided to wear stilettos. The result looks rather horrifying and painful.

women's footwear shows discomfort.
source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Sandra Bullock

In 2013 Sandra Bullock showed her incredible figure the night at the premiere of her blockbuster film ‘Gravity’ in London. Matching her lace dress, she wore Charlotte Olympia ‘Daphne’ pumps that were open in the middle.

source: Pinterest

Who designs high heels pointed towards a small opening in the middle? As gravity has it, the big toes, fighting for freedom, slide down the hill and try to bend their way out through the hole.

This has got to be painful. I’m sure she was glad to get out of her shoes after the evening was over.

source: Pinterest

Britney Spears

The pop diva looked stunning at the 2016 MTV VMAs. She walked out on the red carpet with a sexy black-cut dress and Christian Louboutin pumps.

Unfortunately these women’s footwear, as fashionable as they seem, are not designed to give women’s toes enough space. Britney is unable to squeeze all her toes in. If her toes could cry out in pain, they would. Big bully, big toe, is taking up all the space, leaving the smaller toes on the verge of popping out.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez stole the show at the American Music Awards show in November 2014 when she showed up with her sexy dress. She was the best dressed that night and shoes were equally mesmerizing.

To bad the shoes probably ruined the evening for her. Was it the wrong size shoe for her, or the design? It looks like they chafed against the sides of her feet, leaving a reddish blue color behind..

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum wore a little black dress on the red carpet of “America’s Got Talent” in 2015. The Fausto Puglisi mini dress had gold sun embellishments and was paired with high heeled metallic triple strap sandals.

As with all high heels, gravity has its fun messing with the toes. The straps did not save her toes from slipping off the soles of the shoes and landing on the ground. But only on her left foot. On the right, her little toe saves the evening by hanging on to that strap.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore will never forget the pressure to look ‘perfect’ at Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Even her strapless Christian Dior dress with a lavender organza skirt could not deflect what happened with her shoes that evening. Her women’s footwear, silver strappy high heels, were meant to make her perfect look complete. But instead, they put her tortured toes on full display for everyone to see.

A smaller size might’ve kept the little toes in place, but then all her toes would’ve probably felt the squeeze. As you can see, a smaller size would have left even less room for all the toes to fit into the slot. The little toes on the outside of the strap, while looking ridiculous, possibly saved the actress from an evening in discomfort. As she explained to Jimmy Fallon after the incident, “I was comfortable with my shoes, and I went and watched the movie, but then I went online to see a picture. And what did I see, but toe-gate!”

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Jessica Simpson

When Jessica Simpson stepped out with her husband Eric Johnson for a New York City date night, she wore a stylish little, black mini dress. But even her bra less big breasts shining through could not deflect away from her ill-fitting shoes.

She made millions with her successful shoe range, but missed out on designing herself some better fitting shoes. That strap is just not strong enough to hold her feet in place, and her toes fall right onto the asphalt.

source: Pinterest
women's footwear
source: Pinterest

Maybe sometime in the far future shoe designers will put more emphasis on keeping feet healthy and comfortable when it comes to women’s footwear. Shoes can still be stylish without the torture attached to them. As for now, we’ll just keep wearing our heels while moaning and groaning. Hey, at least we’ll look good. Do you have a sense of humor? Take a look at these hilarious love quotes.

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