Workplace Pranks That Will Have You Cracking Up

How to lighten the mood at the job? It doesn’t have to be April Fools to have fun and pull some workplace pranks on coworkers. Where do they only get the ideas?

The gifs and short videos below are hilarious to watch. Maybe they’ll give you some ideas on how to turn a boring day at the job into something to laugh about for days to come.

Some of these pranks have been done by professional film crews and actors for entertainment purposes. Thus, they can seem a little overboard at times. It is not reflecting what pranks in real life should be like. Therefore if you are planning a prank, make sure nobody gets hurt.

Let the games begin.

Workplace pranks that will make you laugh out loud

#1 The chair prank

Your costumers will either love or hate you for this one. But it is ingenious. Can you imagine the scare?

#2 Caution! Hazardous entry

😱 Workplace pranks or workplace hazards? I can’t decide.

#3 Dino tat

🤣 Did that one just jump out of a tattoo?

#4 Slap

Dude, which part of the hand signal to stop don’t you understand?

#5 Weightlifting

😇 Here, let me help you. Check out these pranks done outdoors.

 #6 This just blows your pants off

I’m not sure how many people will show a sense of humor after getting blown out of there pants. 😆


#7 At the drive-thru

This one’s my favorite. How many times do we have to wait, what seems like forever, at the drive-thru. 😜

#8 STOP! In the name of prank..

LMAO!!! This one would drive me nuts. I wonder what the driver was thinking.

#8 What’s left of the cat

This is one epic prank. This class has a great artist prankster.

#9 Camera bombed

This guy is now famous I’m sure. I wonder how many viewers saw his undies on national TV?

 Sleeping on the job invites workplace pranks

Falling asleep at the job is never a good idea. You just know there’s going to be a prankster taking advantage of the opportunity.

#10 Hitting it hard

🤣 That’s one harsh wake-up call. This will give anyone a headache. But I’m sure, in the future, he’ll think about it twice before taking a nap on the job again.

#11 Time to shave

This is an awesome prank. Greatly planned out which hand he will use.

#12 False alarm

When the fire alarm goes off… 😂 😂 😂 You’ve got to give them this, though. They are quick on their feet and ready for action.

#13 The tie prank

Pin the donkey? Just the tie.

#14 Suck it up

What a way to wake up.

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